Codein 2017 is coming soon!

Codein 2017 has decided its launch date – 28th of November – and just like my previous 2 years , the organization with whom I will be working is – FOSSASIA!

You will be expecting  posts from Nov end or Dec first week-  So stay tuned!

Open Source and Working with FOSSASIA


This is my another blog post and a part of my GCI task.

Lets begin with open source. So what is it? Such softwares have their source code freely available , i.e, people can modify it and redistribute it. Lets go in further deatils about open source. You may be wondering what advantage it has… it can be better quality software and more secure and less prone to bugs than proprietary systems, because it has so many users poring over it and weeding out problems. Learn More about open source here and here

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