Google Code-In(GCI) and FOSSASIA

This post will tell you about my journey in Google Code-In and how I came across FOSSASIA.

My father always told me that I should participate in GCI when I would turn 13. So last year I turned 13 and when GCI 2015 came , I joined it. Now I came across different organizations and lot of tasks. I was excited and thus I chose a task by looking at its title and ended up choosing a task in which I had¬† a 0% knowledge. It was a FOSSASIA’s task “Create a blog on Hugo”. I thought I could never do it but the mentors guided me and extended my guideline. I almost completed it but decided to take a break. Then I chose another task which seemed easy for me and returned back to my old task and finally completed it.

Then I worked more on Hugo and Git and improved myself in it. Soon my exams began so I couldn’t spend much of my time there. In the end I had completed 3 task only.This was how my first GCI ended. I was determined that in the next GCI I would do much better. Till then I came to know that working with one organistaion was better so I chose “FOSSASIA” because my first task was of this organisation.

Now , GCI 16 has started and I have already started doing FOSSASIA tasks.Its fun working with these people who are always ready to help





I love Codein

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